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Mech Series



A 2WD high torque robotic platform, capable of moving 200lbs of cargo.Features:

  • lithium-ion battery capable of 40min to 2hr runtime, 
  • 10"x3" offroad tires
  • 2.4GHz long range Transmitter
  • 3D printed shell
  • fits in a standard size garage next to your car
  • Metal frame and Metal Gear (kept you waiting, huh?)
  • live video feed streamed over 5GHz


Release date:December 2019

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Based on Mech0. 90% of the parts used in Mech1 is used in Mech0; Mech0 owners will be able to easily upgrade to Mech1. Mech1 is a higher performance version of Mech0 with a special set of  capabilities to be revealed in mid 2021 when orders open.

Starting at $1200

Release Date:  2021

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2020 Release dates


Prototypes still in development, keep watching

NOT a Rail-gun ($9999.99)


A projectile propelled using nothing but magnetism and electrical energy. Rails in multiple stages, stage one being the shortest, stages after that each have an increase in length. most likely 3 stages to be used. voltage of each stage to increase also. with final stage being maximum volts, there is an non conductive material separating each stage. Having stages will allow it to charge faster and make it so even the initial propulsion is generated by electromagnetic force. when projectile is chambered an electromagnet engages to lock it into place until trigger is pushed. When trigger is pushed, the electromagnet turns off while stage 1 activates giving projectile its initial boost with automatic stage 2 and 3 activation. Projectile acceleration can be measured by logging the timing of stage activations and factoring in distance between stages. Since timing will be fast it should be a hardware timer implemented via FPGA logic.  By having adjustable stage separation lengths it is possible to control power and .... Read more

Interfacing: To make this light enough to be hand held all the capacitors will be in a back pack or carried by Mech1, colored LED's will indicate charge level of 3 stages combined in addition to an LCD volt meter. All Rights Reserved

Solar generator -GN Drive 1 ($1000)

Model: TFS-10 The use of this system requires the purchase of  Mech0 or Mech1. This system will act like a generator, charging the Mech battery using solar energy, and at night it is usable as a light source or emergency power.

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